Procurement and parts sourcing are major functions within the auto repair industry. Accuracy and efficiency are essential. With auto repair software this process is significantly improved in several ways. Here are some of them:


Typically, ordering takes place over the phone or through a website, this can take a significant amount of time. If one manufacturer doesn’t have what you need, you are forced to continue making phone calls and searching until you find what you need. There are several benefits to ordering parts through the auto repair software with the assistance of an integrated supplier. Basically, everything you need is already in the system and orders are made electronically.


The sourcing and ordering process is similar; trying to determine the best parts to use for a vehicle repair is typically done by calling a supplier directly or searching on one of their websites. Even when you are using auto repair software, there are times when you are going to have to source parts outside of the system. However, in general, software makes this process a lot more efficient due to the integrated supplier interface.

Receipts and invoices

When parts are ordered manually, they are received with a copy of the invoice and a receipt. It is then your responsibility to make sure the paperwork is stored properly. There are going to be times when you throw receipts and invoices away, or there is a chance that you will forget where you left them. With auto repair software, these documents are sent to you electronically for easy storage and retrieval.

Avoid over or understocking

The auto repair software keeps track of your inventory, the system provides reports on stock that sells and stock that spends too long sitting on the shelf. This will prevent you from continuing to order stock that you don’t need. Did you know that you can lose a potential regular customer if they turn up to your store and you don’t have what they need in stock? The system will also alert you when you are running low on any products which means that you will never run out of stock.

Before investing in software, it is essential that it meets the needs of your business. There are many software companies, some of them are good, and others not so good. There are some that will have you sign a contract for a certain duration of time, if you are unhappy with the software you are subject to a hefty cancellation fee. You can avoid these pitfalls through a free trial.

Tekmetric is offering a free trial until the end of 2018, there is no contract to sign, no small print to read, no hidden charges and no cancellation fee if you decide that the software does not meet your business needs. Reading or hearing about the features and benefits of a product is great, but when you can try before you buy, the chances of you getting ripped off are virtually impossible.