Many BMW proprietors instinctively get their vehicle serviced in their local BMW Dealership. For many this really is habitual, however for others, it’s the fact that Dealerships are the most useful option. However many independent garages employ experienced mechanics and frequently have lower work rates. This means they provide a reputable alternative for BMW servicing and maintenance.

It’s obvious the reasons proprietors of premium marques for example BMW might want to get their vehicle serviced with a local BMW Dealership. Yet BMW proprietors and motorists don’t understand many reasons exist why utilizing an independent garage makes lots of sense.

Many motorists assume that they have to get their vehicle serviced with a Franchised Dealership due to the Manufacturers Warranty. It’s a common misunderstanding to think that utilizing an independent garage rather, will invalidate the makers Warranty. However, nothing might be more wrong.

The EC Block Exemption Regulation introduced in 2003 enables proprietors to obtain their BMW service performed by a completely independent garage without any impact on the maker Warranty whatsoever. This really is supplying the independent garage fits Original Equipment ‘Matching Quality’ parts and adheres towards the manufacturers service schedule.

Using the Original Equipment ‘Matching Quality’ parts, the garage is going to be fitting products for example Oil and Fuel filters, which have been manufactured towards the same quality as individuals initially fitted through the vehicle manufacturer themselves. This will provide reassurance towards the motorist.

The garage must also follow the Manufacturer’s Service Schedule. Many motorists won’t be conscious that garages readily get access to these details from a number of sources. It permits them to stick to the same checks and parts replacements that the Franchised Dealer would perform. Through Block Exemption garages can and do provide full and interim BMW servicing towards the same degree of a Franchised Dealer.

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